Huangshi Star electronics co., LTD. (referred to as "Star electronics") is a state-level high-tech enterprise attracting investment in huangshi economic and technological development zone of hubei province in 2014. It is a leading domestic manufacturer of FPCB circuit board, PCB circuit board, intelligent IC chip packing board, Internet of things electronic label and antenna. The company obtained the national high-tech enterprise qualification in November 2018 and passed the certification of enterprises above the scale of hubei province in 2018.
  Star electronics is equipped with independent land and plant, covering an area of 20,000 square meters. It has complete high-precision production equipment: high-speed drilling workshop, copper cladding workshop, CCD exposure workshop, DES etching line, VCP electroplating line and so on. 80% of the company's high-precision production equipment imports, the implementation of intelligent automation operations. The company has three thousand-level dust-free workshops and dust-free production processes. At the same time, many high precision tester imported: X-ray metal thickness gauge, constant temperature and humidity tester, cold and heat impact tester, salt spray test room, friction tester and so on. The independent and complete chemical laboratory and physical laboratory are built to provide a strong guarantee for the reliability test of customized products.
  Company adhering to the "customer satisfaction, employees proud, social respect, let the national pride" business objectives. Will continue to work hard to provide customers with fast quality products and intimate service.

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